Folia — Annotation Unleashed

Work With All Your Documents 

Folia lets you mark up most any document, including PDF, Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), Google Docs (Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets), images, rich-text, and more!

graphic: multiple document formats

Grab Files From Anywhere

Just tap the and link your favorite cloud services to start importing files!

graphic: sources

Express Yo'self

Adding annotations is super easy. 

You can add Comments to any annotation just by tapping it and then tapping the “Add Comment” option.

Annotations with added comments have a  next to them. Tap the  to read and reply to comments!

graphic: annotation

Rest Easy

All your imported files are backed up to our cloud so your work will always be safe.

Every annotation you make is synced instantly, so you can switch devices in the middle of a task, or collaborate on a file with anybody in the world, in real time!

graphic: in-sync


Share your work with anyone. Just enter their email address and give them "view only" or "collaborator" access. If you allow it, they can access the file even if they don’t have Folia!

graphic: sharing

Keep on top of it all

Search a document, or see a list of every annotation you’ve made in a document. 
You’ll also see colored tickmarks on the right edge of the screen. These show you where all the annotations are in the current file!

graphic: navigation