The Road Goes Ever On

We're adding features to Folia to help you get feedback and drive the conversation. Here's what's coming next

  • Stay on top of new work with email notificationsIn Progress
  • Give your readers a starting point in your Folias In Progress
  • Enrich your Folias with audio and video
  • Create connections between documents in a Folia

Completed items:

  • Integrate Folia with Office 365/OneDrive  ✓ Jun 2016

  • Work anywhere with our full-featured web app  ✓ May 2016

  • Work in Folias — organize a group of documents ✓ Jan 2016

  • Add documents to your library directly from the web client  ✓ Jan 2016

  • Conversations — add multiple comments on an annotation ✓ Jan 2016

  • Support for MS Office files ✓ Oct 2015

  • Support for Google Docs ✓ Oct 2015

(Last updated March 29, 2016)

Have a feature you'd like to see in Folia? Let us know.